I’m so excited for the new Disney/Pixar film Coco. Ever since I read a description of the movie I’ve been looking forward to Halloween and throwing a Dia de los Muertos party.

COCO_342 edit

I knew I wanted a black background and as many pops of color as possible. I also really wanted different flowers and as many skulls as I could fit.

COCO_270 edit

I used window decals from the dollar store to stick to some candles.

candles 2 edit

For desserts we made a cake using an $8 skull mold from Walmart and some chewy Sweet tarts candy and icing gel to decorate. With the extra batter we did a few cupcakes.

cake 1 edit

We also baked some brownies that I cut with a skull cookie cutter and then made some marshmallow fondant that I cut with the same cookie cutter and placed on top and decorated with the icing gel.

brownies 1 edit

I couldn’t pass up putting out some colorful Goldfish to snack on.

COCO_311 edit

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

COCO_324 edit



Finding Dory

Finding Nemo is a family favorite of ours and we also love the Finding Nemo – The Musical show at WDW. We are all very excited to see the new movie and meet all the fun new characters. Here are some photos from our Finding Dory party.

aaa edit

For the background I just put up a light blue tablecloth and added two different kinds of green streamers to create the look of grass. My niece cut out and taped on some blue circles to look like bubbles.

DSC_0183 edit

The bucket of “Fish Bait” is filled with Cheese Puffs to give me the orange color I wanted. I also put out some Goldfish crackers in little cupcake holders for easy grabbing.

Then we made a light blue-colored Jell-O and added gummy fish and sharks to it.

jello7 edit

We also had some petit fours that we purchased. The shells used to decorate were some that we already had from trips to the beach.

DSC_0249 edit

The Finding Dory cups, plates and tablecloth were purchased from Wal-Mart. (I added a bright orange tablecloth on top to bring in more color.) The Finding Dory suckers were from Party City. The glass jars were ones I had from Michaels and the frame was from Marshalls. (I added some seashell stickers to the already pretty background that came with the frame.)

gf2 edit

I bought a Finding Dory party pack at Wal-Mart which had some really cute hanging decorations. My sister also made some characters out of construction paper for my background.

DSC_0240 edit DSC_0185b edit

The Finding Dory bodyboard on the left was from Wal-Mart and the little Nemo stuffed toy on the right was from Party City. The hanging paper lanterns were from the Martha Stewart collection at Michaels.

a edit

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the party. Enjoy Finding Dory, which is in theaters now!