I’m so excited for the new Disney/Pixar film Coco. Ever since I read a description of the movie I’ve been looking forward to Halloween and throwing a Dia de los Muertos party.

COCO_342 edit

I knew I wanted a black background and as many pops of color as possible. I also really wanted different flowers and as many skulls as I could fit.

COCO_270 edit

I used window decals from the dollar store to stick to some candles.

candles 2 edit

For desserts we made a cake using an $8 skull mold from Walmart and some chewy Sweet tarts candy and icing gel to decorate. With the extra batter we did a few cupcakes.

cake 1 edit

We also baked some brownies that I cut with a skull cookie cutter and then made some marshmallow fondant that I cut with the same cookie cutter and placed on top and decorated with the icing gel.

brownies 1 edit

I couldn’t pass up putting out some colorful Goldfish to snack on.

COCO_311 edit

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

COCO_324 edit



Beauty and the Beast

I know Disney fans everywhere are anxious to see the live-action re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been excited about it since I first heard it was being made, and I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw a party for this Disney classic.
full table a wm
It all started with a rose (just like in the movie). Back in October I bought this $10 dome from Target to use for a Halloween decoration. I immediately knew I also wanted to use it for a centerpiece for this Beauty and the Beast party. I got the rose for $5 at Wal-Mart. We cut the long stem and used fishing line to attach it to the top piece and keep it straight up.
DSC_0052 wm
After dining at Be Our Guest restaurant in WDW twice now, I can’t say enough great things about the place. The tall windows are gorgeous! I knew I wanted to try and recreate them. My mom spotted these purple project boards at Hobby Lobby. I bought two for $6 each. Then I bought a pack of white poster boards and painted them gold. I cut out three semi-circles and about two dozen strips. I just laid them out how the windows looked in photos and taped them to the board.
DSC_0056 wm

Next we used three gold plastic tablecloths. We covered the table with two and then we used one to make a ruching effect. We pinned up the ends with some felt roses bought at Hobby Lobby.

table cloth wm

(From Pinterest) We decorated a mason jar to look like stained glass using an oil-based black marker to make different triangular shapes and some regular Sharpies to fill it in with color.


We also used gold spray paint on two dessert stands, a book-shaped box (since Belle loves to read), and some twigs (I wanted a touch of the forest).

The desserts we made were: Banana pudding cups (I added gold glitter to the outside bottom of the plastic cups.)

DSC_0099B wm

The Grey Stuff – I used a circle cookie cutter to make stacks with red velvet cake. I put the grey stuff (vanilla pudding, crushed Oreo cookies, and whipped topping) in between and on top. I added red candies.

grey stuff 1 wm

Lumiere’s candlesticks – Pretzel rods dipped in melted yellow candy wafers.

DSC_0043 wm

Belle’s cupcakes – Yellow icing and red candy wafers we melted and put in a flower mold.

cupcake A wm

Roses – I bought a tray of rose molds from Hobby Lobby and used red and green candy wafers to melt. I stuck them in a Styrofoam ball and filled a gold bucket with decorative shred to cover the Styrofoam.

DSC_0126 wm

Thanks for checking out the party. Enjoy the movie! 🙂

DSC_0087 wm

Finding Dory

Finding Nemo is a family favorite of ours and we also love the Finding Nemo – The Musical show at WDW. We are all very excited to see the new movie and meet all the fun new characters. Here are some photos from our Finding Dory party.

aaa edit

For the background I just put up a light blue tablecloth and added two different kinds of green streamers to create the look of grass. My niece cut out and taped on some blue circles to look like bubbles.

DSC_0183 edit

The bucket of “Fish Bait” is filled with Cheese Puffs to give me the orange color I wanted. I also put out some Goldfish crackers in little cupcake holders for easy grabbing.

Then we made a light blue-colored Jell-O and added gummy fish and sharks to it.

jello7 edit

We also had some petit fours that we purchased. The shells used to decorate were some that we already had from trips to the beach.

DSC_0249 edit

The Finding Dory cups, plates and tablecloth were purchased from Wal-Mart. (I added a bright orange tablecloth on top to bring in more color.) The Finding Dory suckers were from Party City. The glass jars were ones I had from Michaels and the frame was from Marshalls. (I added some seashell stickers to the already pretty background that came with the frame.)

gf2 edit

I bought a Finding Dory party pack at Wal-Mart which had some really cute hanging decorations. My sister also made some characters out of construction paper for my background.

DSC_0240 edit DSC_0185b edit

The Finding Dory bodyboard on the left was from Wal-Mart and the little Nemo stuffed toy on the right was from Party City. The hanging paper lanterns were from the Martha Stewart collection at Michaels.

a edit

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the party. Enjoy Finding Dory, which is in theaters now!

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

Ever since the Walt Disney Company bought Marvel I’ve been looking forward to throwing a party that had something to do with the Marvel universe. When I saw the trailer for Captain America: Civil War I knew it was the perfect opportunity to put together a party.

a wm2

I knew Jello would be an easy dessert that I could make that would bring in the red, white, and blue. You can’t see it that clearly, but there is a layer of clear Jello in between the blue and red, so it’s actually three flavors of Jello.

DSC_0073 wm

I found these really great wristbands at Party City. I put them around some jars filled with candy.

DSC_0062 wm

We also had some apples and blueberries to bring in more food that matched the colors. The Captain America shields on the blue drinks and the comic book graphics I put on the blue cups were just pictures I printed and cut out.

DSC_0064 wm

My niece and I made these red velvet cupcakes with vanilla icing and sprinkles.

DSC_0075 wm

This Captain America figure was only $10 on Black Friday so I had to get it.

DSC_0057 wm

The hanging blue decorations (I added the white stars in the center) and red stars were from Michaels, the Captain America and Iron Man cutouts were from a party pack I got at Wal-Mart, and I made the Avengers symbol in the middle from construction paper. The black background is actually a black chalkboard style tablecloth that my niece drew a cityscape on.

DSC_0025 wm2

We had a great time and look forward to the next one!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It wasn’t until this year that I finally got around to watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now I don’t know why it took me so long. It was really cute. I knew most of the songs already and I was happy to finally get to see how they fit in the movie.

I knew I wanted to stick to a black and white color theme and fit in as many striped items as I could.


The bats were just black cardstock. I traced a template and then cut out two different sizes I wanted.

I really love using paper lanterns, so I bring them out whenever I can. The idea for putting the Jack Skellington face on them came from partyingwiththeprincesses.com. I originally started with two, but I didn’t want to cover up my bats. 🙂


I painted black stripes on a white canvas (left). I then covered up three books with black cardstock and cut out letters from white paper. I also decorated three real white pumpkins. The one in the middle I just used black rhinestones, ribbon and some stickers. (This was also my first time filling a glove with popcorn. Not easy.)


On the left is another real pumpkin I just drew a spider web on and then hot glued a plastic spider. I decorated three jars I already had with ribbon, rhinestones and stickers (all purchased at Michaels). I originally intended for the brownies on the right to have a lace effect, but after that didn’t work I ended up just using powdered sugar to make them half dark and half white.


These were chocolate cupcakes with white icing that I just used black gel to make the Jack Skellington face. Here’s also a cookie recipe that would work: https://d23.com/recipe-jack-skellington-sugar-cookies/


I’ve been wanting a candelabra I could use for Halloween for a long time, so I finally made the purchase at Michaels. The candles were white and I just added the black ribbon to get the stripes I wanted. That’s Twizzlers black licorice in the jar on the right.


On the left is a bowl of Oreos and then next to that is a white candle that I drew stitching on to get the look the character Sally has. As you can see I also used a stretchy spider web I bought from WalMart and some black leaves I got from Michaels.


It was a great night and I am already excited about next Halloween!


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and in 2012 I was lucky enough to attend the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Between the Boo to You Parade, the HalloWishes fireworks, and the special meet-and-greet opportunities with rarely seen characters, I thought it was well worth the money. I would attend one again in heartbeat, but since that wasn’t in the cards this year, we had a party in honor of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary.

Candy Corn Jello – No one in my family is really a fan of candy corn, but since it is a Halloween staple I wanted to incorporate it. I saw this random photo on a Twitter advertisement and I assumed what I saw was Jello, so that’s what I tried. All you do is make a layer of yellow Jello, a layer of orange Jello, and then whipped cream on top. I got the candy corn look I wanted without purchasing candy corn that no one was going to eat. 🙂

candy corn2

Paranormal Pretzels – This is an idea from Family Fun. It’s yogurt covered pretzels with melted white chocolate (use dye to get the colors you want) and mini M&Ms.


These are just Hostess Globalls a.k.a. Sno Balls (coconut & marshmallow covered chocolate cake with cream filling). I added Halloween stickers to dress them up.

orange globalls - Copy

Here are just some orange and black Oreo cookies and Cheetos Puffs I used for color. The skeleton cups were from Target.

cookies - Copy

Some of the decorations were from a Recollections Party Kit I got at Michaels. I added orange Mickey Mouse heads to plain black cups to bring in some Disney.

place settng2

Cupcakes – These are just vanilla cupcakes with white icing that I dyed orange. We had some Halloween sprinkles on hand. The cupcake holders and food pokes were from the Recollections party pack.

cupcakes3 - Copy

Here is the full tablescape. I’m really happy with how it came out.

Halloween table

All things Disney

What better way to start this blog than with a party focused on all things Disney? I have loved Disney since I was a very young child and my admiration for the company just continues to grow and evolve as I get older.

My family started throwing Disney-themed parties in 2009 in anticipation of our 2010 trip to Walt Disney World. Now we try to fit in Disney parties whenever we can to stay connected with the magic.

DSC_0299 3

I added white circles to both the red cupcake holders and red take-out containers to produce the look of Mickey Mouse’s trademark shorts.

DSC_0337b 3

These are yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Double-stuffed Oreos were used for Mickey’s face and the mini Oreos were used for his ears.

cbb 3 DSC_0289 3   DSC_0293 3

These little trifle cups contain whipped cream, chocolate mousse, and strawberries. (The little Mickey Mouse spoons were a great find at Walgreens)

sss 3

The ladybug patterned background was a tablecloth from Walmart and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party favors and paper products were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

DSC_0314 3

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Come back to check out more parties real soon!