Jack Skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It wasn’t until this year that I finally got around to watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now I don’t know why it took me so long. It was really cute. I knew most of the songs already and I was happy to finally get to see how they fit in the movie.

I knew I wanted to stick to a black and white color theme and fit in as many striped items as I could.


The bats were just black cardstock. I traced a template and then cut out two different sizes I wanted.

I really love using paper lanterns, so I bring them out whenever I can. The idea for putting the Jack Skellington face on them came from partyingwiththeprincesses.com. I originally started with two, but I didn’t want to cover up my bats. 🙂


I painted black stripes on a white canvas (left). I then covered up three books with black cardstock and cut out letters from white paper. I also decorated three real white pumpkins. The one in the middle I just used black rhinestones, ribbon and some stickers. (This was also my first time filling a glove with popcorn. Not easy.)


On the left is another real pumpkin I just drew a spider web on and then hot glued a plastic spider. I decorated three jars I already had with ribbon, rhinestones and stickers (all purchased at Michaels). I originally intended for the brownies on the right to have a lace effect, but after that didn’t work I ended up just using powdered sugar to make them half dark and half white.


These were chocolate cupcakes with white icing that I just used black gel to make the Jack Skellington face. Here’s also a cookie recipe that would work: https://d23.com/recipe-jack-skellington-sugar-cookies/


I’ve been wanting a candelabra I could use for Halloween for a long time, so I finally made the purchase at Michaels. The candles were white and I just added the black ribbon to get the stripes I wanted. That’s Twizzlers black licorice in the jar on the right.


On the left is a bowl of Oreos and then next to that is a white candle that I drew stitching on to get the look the character Sally has. As you can see I also used a stretchy spider web I bought from WalMart and some black leaves I got from Michaels.


It was a great night and I am already excited about next Halloween!