Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

Ever since the Walt Disney Company bought Marvel I’ve been looking forward to throwing a party that had something to do with the Marvel universe. When I saw the trailer for Captain America: Civil War I knew it was the perfect opportunity to put together a party.

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I knew Jello would be an easy dessert that I could make that would bring in the red, white, and blue. You can’t see it that clearly, but there is a layer of clear Jello in between the blue and red, so it’s actually three flavors of Jello.

DSC_0073 wm

I found these really great wristbands at Party City. I put them around some jars filled with candy.

DSC_0062 wm

We also had some apples and blueberries to bring in more food that matched the colors. The Captain America shields on the blue drinks and the comic book graphics I put on the blue cups were just pictures I printed and cut out.

DSC_0064 wm

My niece and I made these red velvet cupcakes with vanilla icing and sprinkles.

DSC_0075 wm

This Captain America figure was only $10 on Black Friday so I had to get it.

DSC_0057 wm

The hanging blue decorations (I added the white stars in the center) and red stars were from Michaels, the Captain America and Iron Man cutouts were from a party pack I got at Wal-Mart, and I made the Avengers symbol in the middle from construction paper. The black background is actually a black chalkboard style tablecloth that my niece drew a cityscape on.

DSC_0025 wm2

We had a great time and look forward to the next one!